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Island: Zuhause am Polarkreis (Pascal Frai)
Mit einem Kapitel über Claus Sterneck in Island :-)
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Photography exhibition in the old herring factory - from 18 July 2009
Claus Sterneck
Picture: Claus Sterneck
Claus SterneckTina BauerClaus SterneckTina BauerClaus Sterneck

German icelandophiles and photographers Tina Bauer and Claus Sterneck have lived and worked in Iceland for some time. In their first joint exhibition they reveal their unique view of the island.

The exhibition will take place in the old herring factory in Djúpavík, Iceland, and opens at 2pm on 18th July 2009.

Traces of civilisation. “A human being seems so small in Iceland. The four elements of Nature – fire, water, earth and air – are powerfully present on this North Atlantic island. The contrast between people and the elements is fascinating,” says Tina Bauer (32), print and photo-journalist from Stuttgart, Germany. Her pictures from Iceland, where she lived in 2008, take up this theme as she searches for traces of human life in a wild, island landscape. “I am fascinated by how small you feel when you face these island forces. Human beings have to take second place – civilisation is almost overwritten by the forces of Nature, and this is shown in exciting visual contrasts.” - Contact:

“With my pictures I want to show another Iceland – more details taken from an unexpected point of view, showing a fresh angle,” says photographer Claus Sterneck (38) from Hanau, near Frankfurt. Since 2003, Sterneck has spent most of his time in Iceland and he has lived and worked in Reykjavík since September 2008. His pictures bring out surfaces, colours, shapes and structures. “These details often get lost as the viewer is overwhelmed by the beauty of Nature – landscape, colours and the play of light – and misses the background details,” he explains. Sterneck’s small camera acts as a third eye. “My arm and hand let me see things from another perspective which would be difficult – if not impossible – even for my own eyes to perceive,” says the artist. “I see something – a stone, the blue sky, waves, plants – and I get a sudden feeling that I have to capture it on camera. I don’t construct the picture, I don’t think of the principles of composition.” Because the pictures are taken spontaneously, the result is often an dissonant composition which appears jarring to the viewer. Most of the pictures were taken in and around Djúpavík, where Sterneck has spent much of his time since 2003. - Contact:

Press article and pictures are available here for download (Text and five pictures, ca. 5 MB).

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