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Exhibition "Different III" in Djúpavík in the old herring factory
(1 June till 22 September 2012)
Exhibition "Different III" by Claus Sterneck in Djúpavík - 1 June till 31. August 2012For the fourth time I show photographs the old herring factory in Djúpavík. The title of the exhibition "Different III" explains it already - many new pictures to see, and hear:

Facebook "One picture per day": Since early 2012, I publish every day to my Facebook page one image (or occasionally two images), which I photographed on the same day. I decide spontaneously in the moment of capturing the photograph to post this image or not . Thus, the pictures are very different but all are taken in Iceland. As part of my exhibition, I show several of these "One picture per day" photographs including a short description text (place, date and informations) and comments by "fans" of the Facebook page. My Facebook page is visible also to internet users who are not registered with Facebook.

Postcards and soundcards: 35 post- and soundcards are shown (and can also be purchased of course). Some cards are a part of project "Pictures - and their sounds" - on the back side is a website mentioned, on which the sounds for the photograph of the front side can be heard. Click here too see all available postcards and soundcards.

Subject: 1, 2, 3, 4 - four books: Four books on four issues. In each book 28 to 34 photographs covering one of these topics: "The old herring factory in Djúpavík" (SOULD OUT;example), "'Meine Banken' in Reykjavík" (example), "Trash bins in Reykjavík" (example) and "Wine glasses in Reykjavík" (example). The books are available in a small edition. If you are interested in purchasing a book please contact me my mail to

"200+ pictures": For the exhibition in Djúpavík in 2011, I randomly chose 224 images from my website. Now I present these images, which were not sold, again. About 160 photographs from this series can be seen, these are available for sale (5.000 kr for one picture), too - 1.000 kr per image is for supporting the renovation works of the old herring factory in Djúpavík. Click here for an overview of the pictures of the project "200 + pictures."

"Pictures – and their sounds": I will show "Pictures – and their sounds", too: New ones, which I was recording/taken since last summer and the edition of summer 2011. Examples of "pictures - and their sounds" can be found here. The book, which was published last year, is also for sale.

The exhibition "Different III" is located in the old herring factory in Djúpavík (for more information about Djúpavík click here) and is open daily from 1 June to 22 September 2012 (between 9:00 and 18:00). Admission is free.

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